BELLEVUE, Wash. -- One of the growing trends in skin care doesn't involve a laser or a needle. Instead, it simply calls for a straight edge razor.

The Bellevue Barber Shop has been serving up haircuts and straight edge razor shaves for more than 60 years. They've served generations of men. And now, in pursuit of a youthful glow, more women are shaving their faces.

Nurse practitioner and aesthetician Olga Voloshina says men have had a great skin secret without even knowing it. Face shaving not only gets rid of light facial hair, it exfoliates the skin. And at medical spas like Northwest Aesthetics, this shaving has a fancier name: dermaplaning.

Before Cindy Ocheltree was sold, she had a question.

"Shaving, yeah. I was thinking, 'Is my hair going to grow back and be thick and dark?'" she said.

Aesthetician Toni Ainsworth answered, "That is a common myth. And it's impossible."

Unlike a man's shave with foam, Cindy's skin is as dry as possible before Toni pulls out the blade. First, she removes the light vellus hairs, which most of us call peach fuzz. Then, she's scraping off dead skin cells.

"I liked the exfoliation of it. I exfoliate all the time," Cindy said. She described the process as having a slight tingly feeling, but no pain.

Northwest Aesthetics owner Voloshina says it's been around for decades. First, skin care experts used dermaplaning to prepare skin for a chemical peel. Then it was huge in Japan. She says it's just now getting popular in the Northwest, as women embrace the benefits of a good shave.

"You have smoother, glowing skin," Voloshina said. "You do boost some new collagen production, normalizing oil production."

So if you ever thought the men around you had nicer skin, now you're in on the secret.

Voloshina says if you compare the skin of a man and woman who are the same age, "men usually have greater skin because they're shaving on constant basis."

Dermaplaning is safe for sensitive skin, but it's not for women with acne or scars. It costs around $100. You can also buy special do-it-yourself razors for a few bucks at many drugstores

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