Eric's Heroes: A hero pays it forward

Neighbors and friends mark Al Poff's 93rd birthday with songs and best wishes. (Photo: KOMO News)

Certainly by now you have heard stories about people "paying it forward."

It's a lovely concept, really: You do something kind for someone, then they turn around and do something kind for someone else. And so forth and so on.

And now that concept has found its way to Eric's Heroes.

We recently featured an entire neighborhood delivering an act of kindness to a retired pastor.

Friends and neighbors sang Brad Hartt his favorite hymn.

Now he is returning the favor, with the help of a bunch of other Heroes.

He and a group of neighbors surprised Al Poff on his 93rd birthday with songs and best wishes.

"It brings joy to my heart if it brings joy to Al's heart," Hartt said.

That seems like a perfect definition of paying it forward.

Editor's Note: "Eric's Heroes" is a weekly series airing every Wednesday on KOMO News in the 6 p.m. newscast. If you have a good story about a good person doing good things for the right reasons, share it with Eric by sending an email to

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