Steve Carell turned to his father for inspiration in latest role

    Steve Carell at the 2007 Writers Guild Awards. Feb. 11, 2007. Credit: Dimitri Halkidis / WENN

    Steve Carell drew on his childhood experiences with his own dad for new drama "Beautiful Boy."

    The film is based on the best-selling memoirs from father and son David and Nic Sheff, with Steve playing David and Timothee Chalamet starring as Nic.

    Talking to Esquire about the role, Steve shared: "My dad, who is about to turn 93, is a real rock. A real stoic. He didn't cry a lot, but I could tell when something was tearing him up inside. He internalized it for the sake of the family.

    "And that to me was more heartbreaking than someone who would just, you know, be really outward with his emotions. It's kind of how I interpreted the David character: He's trying to keep it together."

    Steve is now regarded as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, but his success as an actor didn't happen overnight.

    The 56-year-old has been working steadily since the early '90s, but it was 2003's Bruce Almighty, followed by Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, a year later, that really marked him for superstardom.

    It was on the set of Anchorman that he met producer Judd Apatow, who encouraged Steve to come to him with any movie ideas he had.

    "So, I went into Judd's office and I pitched him an idea. We talked for an hour and a half and, you know, he thought it was fine," he recalled. "And just as I was getting up, I said, 'Oh, and there's this other secondary idea about a guy who's never had sex.' And Judd sparked to that immediately and said, 'I can sell that to Universal tomorrow.' And literally the next week, he mentioned it in passing to an executive at Universal and they bought it on the spot."

    In 2005, The 40-Year-Old Virgin hit screens, with Steve co-writing the script with Judd, as well as taking on the lead role.

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