Scott Carty on 'Logan,' 'Before I Fall,' 'The Salesman,' 'The Shack'

Movie awards season is finally behind us. As we roll into March, there are a few new movies to keep you entertained and thinking. And there's one big one that will definitely have fans talking.


The big winner at the box office this weekend will be "Logan," starring Hugh Jackman (Logan) in the final chapter of The Wolverine franchise. It takes us forward to 2029 where we find Logan working as a limo driver, battling demons and drink. As he tries to manage the worsening seizures of Professor X, he also finds himself called to protect a young girl (Dafne Keen as Laura). LOGAN makes the leap to an R rating, signaling a very different tone to conclude the adventures. The action is intense, the story is rock solid and the addition of Dafne Keen's amazing performance sends "Logan" out with an incredible bang. It really is a ton of fun for diehard fans, but it's also so good on its own that you need not have watched any of the previous movies to really enjoy it.

"Before I Fall"

At first glance, you may think "Before I Fall" is a sappy movie just for teens. But it was an incredible surprise for me. As a father, it scared the hell out of me, broke my heart and left me feeling very hopeful. It stars Zoey Deutch as the central figure. Through her senior year in high school, she navigates a range of emotions from being overconfident to needing a better outlook on the meaning of life. As she endures a tragic night that keeps repeating itself, she starts to realize there are some things she can change in her life for the better. I urge any parent of a preteen or teenager to see "Before I Fall." It sets the table for dialogue with your kids as they face the tough moments of growing-up and the important choices kids need to know they can make. "Before I Fall" is rated PG-13.

"The Salesman"

At the Oscars, the award for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year went to "The Salesman." You may recall the Writer and Director, Asghar Farhadi, did not attend The Academy Awards out of protest against President Trump's executive order. "The Salesman" opens at the SIFF Uptown on Queen Anne, finally giving local moviegoers the chance to see the dramatic thriller about an Iranian couple who are performing "Death Of A Salesman," unaware of the past associated with their apartment. It's PG-13.

"The Shack"

Academy award winner Octavia Spencer is in "The Shack"--a faith based film that presents a life-changing moment for a father after his daughter goes missing and is presumed dead. It also stars Sam Worthington and Tim McGraw. "The Shack" is PG-13.

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