Scott Carty on 'Denial': New movie with UW link

Actor Rachel Weisz and author Deborah Lipstadt on the set of their film "Denial." Credit: Liam Daniel / Bleecker Street

Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz leads the cast in the true story of "Denial.".

Weisz stars as former University of Washington Professor Deborah Lipstadt, who wrote the book “Denial: Holocaust History on Trial.”

After declaring David Irving (Timothy Spall) a Holocaust denier, Lipstadt was charged with libel. She quickly learned that being the defendant in English court meant that her legal team had to prove more than just the fact she was innocent. They had to prove that the Holocaust actually occurred.

Amidst the tradition of London and a gloomy, painful visit to Auschwitz, you are treated to an incredible story and dramatic courtroom intensity. And it is all with the goal of seeking truth.

"Denial" is rated PG-13.

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