Scott Carty on 'Born in China,' 'The Lost City of Z,' 'Fire Fire,' 'Unforgettable'

A mother panda and her cub in Disney Nature’s “Born in China” film.

Whether you seek chills from a thriller or you want to escape to the natural beauty of China, new movies this weekend can take you across the world, back in time and straight to your worst nightmare.

"Born in China"

My destination of choice is the one new movie that everyone in the family can see. And it’s beautiful. Disney Nature presents “Born in China.” It’s an amazing showcase of breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty in China. And it follows three animal families and how they interact and survive through different seasons. John Krasinki is the refreshing narrator, bringing some personality to the stories of a snow leopard and her cubs, a golden snub-nosed monkey who has to make room for a baby sister, and — ready for an overload of cuteness? —a mama panda and her cub. The photography you see throughout the film is incredible, leaving you to constantly wonder “how’d they get that on film” as all of these Disney Nature movies do. Just a tip: Be sure to stay for the credits so you can get a glimpse of everything that went into making the film. “Born in China” is rated G, delivering everything from nervous giggles to pure awe. Or “awwwwwww.”

'The Lost City of Z"

From Amazon Studios, we go to Amazonia in a movie based on a best-selling true story. “The Lost City of Z” stars Charlie Hunnam as a British explorer who seeks a civilization of indigenous people. He faces ridicule from the scientific community, but is determined to find the lost city and to find ways to learn from the native people many just viewed as savages. Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller are also in “The Lost City of Z” – rated PG-13.

"Fire Fire"

Brie Larson and Armie Hammer star in the very foul-mouthed movie “Free Fire.” It takes place in the late '70s, in Boston, where Irish gangs are working a gun deal. But it turns into a shootout. All hell breaks loose. And that’s where the dark comedy goes for thrills and laughs, with lots of shooting and a whole bunch of f-bombs. “Free Fire” is rated R.


If you’re looking for thrills and chills, things get really dramatic in “Unforgettable.” It stars Katherine Heigl as a woman who has gone through a divorce. As her ex-husband remarries a woman played by Rosario Dawson, the women are at odds. And Heigl’s character is determined to make things really tough for the new wife. “Unforgettable” is rated R.

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