Chris Pratt in tears as he offers to 'bump' Ellen DeGeneres

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt attending the European Gala screening of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' at the Eventim Apollo in London. (

Chris Pratt lost his cool during a taped appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show after offering to "bump" the host.

The fun-loving "Guardians of the Galaxy" star agreed to play his mum's favorite game, Speak Out, on the show and placed a mouth piece that distorted everything he said over his lips.

DeGeneres had to guess what was coming out of his mouth, and after guessing "Bosses love free donuts" and "Where did you place the parakeet?" she was stumped when the actor slurred, "I'm gonna bump you!"

Once Pratt realised what he had just read from a card and looked at DeGeneres' surprised expression, he began to laugh uncontrollably until tears fell from his eyes.

For a minute, the two celebrities giggled like kids as Chris continued to get the words out, even making a rounded baby belly gesture to the lesbian host, which confused her even more.

Wiping tears from her own eyes, she finally understood what her guest was saying.

The fun continued with the next phrase, "Platypuses walk sideways".

The quirky skit aired on DeGeneres show in America on Friday.

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