Trump declares victory in South Carolina primary

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes his way to the stage during a campaign stop Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, in North Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

With his family and South Carolina Lt. Gov.Henry McMaster on stage with him, a beaming Donald Trump declared the Palmetto State's primary a victory.

Emerging to cheers of "USA," Donald Trump thanked the crowd and the people of South Carolina, calling the state "special."

"These are special people," Donald Trump said, adding the boost he got from his definitive victory in New Hampshire.

"They sent us in here with a very good feeling," Donald Trump described.

Looking forward to Nevada, Donald Trump predicted he would do "very well," in the upcoming caucus Tuesday.

Thanking his family, Trump admitted his candidacy has "not been easy for them."

"They don't see me anymore, I'm making speeches all the time," Donald Trump joked.

Placing his hand on the stomach of his pregnant daughter, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump repeated a line he'd used in New Hampshire saying that they have a hospital ready "just in case."

Saying the baby could be born any second, Donald Trump quipped it could be born "before I'm finished."

Referencing McMaster, Donald Trump described the Lieutenant Governor as "wonderful."

Recalling how McMaster threw his support behind Trump "very early," in the process, Donald Trump said he would take him over the Governor "any time, because we won."

In a rare move for Trump, he offered up his microphone twice during his speech. The first time was to encourage his wife, Melania Trump. Mrs. Trump thanked the crowd and called South Carolina "an amazing place."

"Congratulations to my husband," Melania Trump said grinning.

"He will be the best President."

Donald Trump then asked Ivanka Trump to speak "representing some wonderful children."

"Thank you South Carolina," Ivanka Trump beamed.

"The momentum since the beginning has been amazing," Ivanka Trump continued.

Saying how as a family, the Trumps are "incredibly proud," Ivanka Trump expressed that the family is "incredibly grateful to each of you."

Describing her father's work ethic, Ivanka Trump assured supporters that her father will "be working for each and every one of you."

Trump then returned to center stage and told the crowd about watching the returns come in.

"It was really amazing," Trump declared.

Trump speculated that his campaign would continue to confound political experts, saying that pundits "don't understand that as people drop out I'm going to get a lot of those votes also."

"We are going to start winning for our country,"

Trump then launched into his typical talking points, mentioning the need for a wall along our Mexican border and U.S. relationships with China.

In conclusion Trump told the crowd his campaign is "an incredible movement with incredible people."

"Let's put this thing away and let's make America great again."

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