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As more students return to in-person learning, some prefer distance learning

Students in class observing social distancing.
Students in class observing social distancing.
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Despite high COVID-19 case numbers, Governor Inslee is paving the way to get more students back to in-person learning. However, some students are thriving with distance learning and are able to finish a year’s course work in half the time.

Students at the private Renton Prep Christian School were among the first to go back to in-school learning, but several of their students are choosing to stay home with distance learning.

“I think remote learning, getting to work independently gives you more time to make more relaxed schedules so your day just goes by smoothly,” said Chloe Culver, 7th grader. She is able to work so far ahead with distance learning that she is finishing an entire year’s work in just one semester.

The same for her classmate Rayna Srinivas who said, “Yes, it is a real boost. Doing distance learning has helped immensely because I get to make my own schedule and I’m more flexible than in-person students.”

And now that they’re finishing 7th grade work early, they can move onto high school level electives. “I was able to take a 9th grade course in ELA (English and language arts) as well as environmental science and space course in science as well.”

“There’s also a lot of free time and so for me it’s just easy to get my work done and do whatever I want after that, said Kush Juneja, 10th grader. He and twin brother Krish are doing the same. They are able to accelerate their learning at home.

“There’s so much time throughout the day,” said Krish. “It’s not hard to work through the courses. With distance learning there aren’t as many distractions, so I feel it’s a lot easier.”

But they admit distance learning is not for everybody and the isolation is tough. “I think the social part of being remote is definitely a challenge and it’s just different because everything is technical now,” said Culver.

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She and Srinivas both want to be scientists. The twins want to be computer specialists. They are all obviously motivated and they that is what is needed to make distance learning work.

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