Watch out for 'hidden' hotel fees

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    Book a hotel room and you need to check for mandatory fees that could drive up the price of that room.

    Some hotels add a daily “resort fee” or "destination fee” to their room rate. The national average right now is $27, but it can be much more in Las Vegas and Hawaii. In Hawaii, some hotels charge a daily destination fee of $45 to $48.

    Travel expert Ed Perkins, who writes for, calls this “a hidden fee” because it’s not the real cost of the room. Perkins points out that it’s not included in the first price you see posted on the hotel chain's website or a travel site that compares hotels.

    "Some place along the line it usually is disclosed, but it is certainly not included in the rate you see posted the first time you do a search,” he said. “In that case, you will see a room that’s supposed to be $75 that you ultimately have to pay a mandatory fee of $25, so it's really a $100 room.”

    Before you push "book it" – stop – and check for mandatory fees. You want to know: What's the final price? How much is that room going to cost you per night. Another hotel without a resort or destination fee may be truly cheaper.

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