Unstable furniture continues to kill and injure

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There's a hidden hazard in many homes that parents need to think about – falling furniture.

Heavy furniture, such as dressers, that are not secured to the wall and can tip over on a child. Often, there’s a heavy television on top which makes the dresser less stable and more dangerous should it fall on someone.

William Wallace with Consumer Reports says it happens more than you might think.

“Every 17 minutes, someone in the United States is injured when furniture, a TV or appliance tips over,” Wallace said.

Each year, more than 22,000 children 8 years and younger are injured when furniture or a TV tips and falls on them, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC reports that one child dies every two weeks, on average, as a result of a furniture, appliance or TV tip-over.

“We urge everybody who has children in the home to anchor their dressers and televisions and other large objects to the wall. That way, they won't tip over,” Wallace said.

Here in the Northwest, where an earthquake can happen at any time, having heavy furniture secured to the wall is even more important. Anchor kits now come with new furniture. Aftermarket kits are available online or at any hardware store.

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