Too many kids hurt in lawn mower accidents

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It happened in an instant. One-minute Kimber Brossart was a happy three-year-old. The next, she was bleeding and in pain, after her mom accidentally ran over her foot with the lawn mower.

Kimber, who lives in Idaho, was treated at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. (Watch Kimber's story from UW Medicine)

"I was always the parent that thought how could any parent let that happen? How does it happen? And then it happens to you,” Kimber’s mom, Lindsay Brossart told UW Medicine.

After seven surgeries, doctors at Harborview determined they had to amputate part of Kimber's right foot.

UW Medicine pediatrician Dr. Fred Rivara says lawn mower accidents are all too common this time of year.

“The common scenario is that the parent thinks their child is either in the house and not around, and the parent doesn’t realize that the child is playfully sneaking up on them,” Rivara said.

His advice for parents?

"Make sure your child is in the house and being supervised by somebody else while you’re cutting the grass,” Rivara said.

One more safety warning: Never let kids ride on a ride-on lawn mower. Way too many accidents happen this way.

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