Tips on returning holiday gifts

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Whether it's a sweater that doesn't fit or a scarf that's just the wrong color, chances are you have at least one holiday gift you want to return.

"Most stores have extended return policies that run into January, so there's no need to run back to the store and wait in those long lines this week,” said Edgar Dworsky, founder of .

Based on his annual survey, Dworsky reminds us that many retailers have different return policies for different items.

"The return policies tend to be very complicated,” he said. “Macy's, for example, has probably close to 10 different return periods depending on the category of the item."

Before you head to the store, make sure you have proof of purchase – a receipt or gift receipt.

"If you don't have one, you may only get the lowest price the item sold for in say the past three months,” Dworsky told me.

Some stores won't take it back without a receipt.

And watch out for restocking fees. You could get hit with one if the package is open or the original packing material is missing. This is especially true for electronics.

ConsumerWorld’s survey shows that restocking fees are much less of a worry these days, but policies vary. Dworsky points out that Best Buy just added a restocking fee for some categories this holiday season.

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