Tips for finding a good roofing company

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Sooner or later, every house is going to need a new roof – and the price can really set you back.

Choose the wrong roofer and you can spend thousands more than necessary and wind up with less-than-satisfactory results.

Kevin Brasler, executive editor of, says they find that the price for the same job can vary greatly from company to company, so it’s really important to shop around.

"Our undercover shoppers got bids for three different jobs here in the Puget Sound area and found just staggering differences from place to place,” Brasler said. “For one of the roofs, we got prices ranging from about $5,400 to more than $9,000."

Don't assume a low price means poor work. The two are not necessarily linked.

"When we compare the roofing bids we got with the ratings we get from consumers, we found that really good companies are just as likely to quote low prices as lousy companies,’ Brasler said. “The prices are all over the place; it's chaotic really in terms of how these companies bid."

Checkbook recommends getting bids from at least three companies. In most cases, you won’t have to be there when the estimator comes, so that’s easy to do.

Checkbook's ratings are for subscribers, but as a courtesy to KOMO listeners, you can use this link (until 8/31/17) to see the ratings for local roofers.

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