Time to check your tires!

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Fall is here. The rain is back and the night's are getting colder. It's a good time to check your car's tires.

How's the pressure? It might have been fine last month, but the pressure drops as the temperature dips – about 1 psi for every 10 degrees, according to Consumer Reports Autos.

That's why you may see a warning light for low tire pressure on a chilly morning. If you have a spare in the trunk, be sure to check it, too.

And how's the tread looking? You need that tread to grip wet roads.

You can check the tread depth by using a quarter and placing George Washington’s head down in each major groove. If the top of his head is just about flush with the tread, you're about ready for some new tires soon.

Where to shop?

Consumer Reporters readers rated 33 chains and four retailers tied for overall customer satisfaction: Costco,, Les Schwab Tire Centers and Discount Tire.

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