The most fuel-efficient SUVs

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We love our SUVs. These versatile vehicles have lots of room to haul cargo or take the kids to soccer, which explains why SUV sales are so strong.

If you choose wisely when you buy a new SUV, you don't have to give up fuel economy to get the size you want.

"These days, many SUVs have fuel economy on par with many large sedans and we're finding in our testing that the hybrid models are especially fuel efficient,” said Mike Quincy with Consumer Reports Autos.

The magazine’s overall fuel rating is based on both highway and city driving measuring fuel consumption with a special precision flow meter.

Consumer Reports recently looked at the mileage data from its road tests and put together a list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs.

"The SUV that's our fuel economy champion is a hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4 XLE. It gets a terrific 31 miles per gallon overall,” Quincy said.

A few more models at the top of the list:

The Lexus RX450. This hybrid version of the RX450 has a 3.5-liter V6 engine and still delivers 29 miles per gallon overall.

The Lexus NX 300h, another hybrid, the Honda HR-V LX model and the Subaru Crosstrek Premium also had an overall fuel economy rating of 29 mpg.

The redesigned Honda CR-V EX (1.5T) and the Mazda CX-3 Touring both got 28 miles per gallon in Consumer Reports testing.

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