Study finds 'toxic chemicals' in some school supplies

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Kids in the family? Then you probably have back-to-school supplies on your shopping list.

Chances are you look for a label that says "non-toxic." Unfortunately, many products don't have that label – and even if they do, a new report from the U.S. PIRG Education Fund shows that you can't always trust them.

PIRG tested dozens of school supplies, including markers and crayons, glue, 3-ring binders, lunch boxes and water bottles, looking for toxic ingredients.

“We found asbestos, phthalates and also benzene, chemicals that have been linked to cancer and developmental problems among other negative health effects – definitely chemicals that you don't want your kids touching or using on a daily basis,” said Dev Gowda, director of the U.S. PIRG Campaign for Toxic-Free Products. "While most of the school supplies that we tested, did test negative, parents and teachers should remain vigilant when shopping for school supplies.”

PIRG reports finding asbestos in one well-known brand of crayons, benzene in some markers and phthalates in a 3-ring binder.

You can read the full PIRG report for all the complete details of the test results.

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