Straight talk about bottled iced tea

(KOMO file photo)

Light and refreshing, that's why iced tea is a favorite summer drink. And maybe you're hoping to get some of the health benefits associated with tea.

But here's the thing: That tea must be high in antioxidants to do anything good for you, and according to Consumer reports, if you’re drinking bottled iced tea, there's no way for you to know whether it's high in antioxidants or not.

In fact, tests cited by the magazine show that bottled teas tend to be very low in antioxidants when compared to freshly brewed tea.

The editors say many bottled iced teas are "nutritionally on par with soda – complete with loads of sugars, and artificial colors and flavors."

Sugar is the biggest downside. Some bottled products can have 50 to 60 grams worth of sugar. That's more than you should have in an entire day.

And don't be fooled by label claims that say sweetened with real sugar, cane sugar or honey, rather than high fructose corn syrup. It's still added sugar.

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