Scammers target holiday shoppers with malicious email

    (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee/file)

    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are now in the rear-view mirror, but most of us still have a lot of shopping to do before Christmas.

    That means fraudsters will be busy sending out email – with eye-catching subject lines and graphics – that promise super savings from well-known stores on popular gift items.

    Of course, the discounts are bogus.

    Digital security expert Adam Levin, author of "Swiped," points out that it isn't always easy to spot this malicious email.

    "The emails and ads from the bad guys look incredibly authentic, not like the old days with misspelling, grammatical errors, colors that are off, logos that aren't right,” Levin said. “Now they look very precise, genuine and they are very captivating and too many people click on them and get themselves in trouble."

    And that's the goal: To get you to click a link or open an attachment. That's how these cyber-crooks steal your personal information or load malicious software on your computer.

    "If you're not sure about an email or offer, go to the legitimate website of the retailer. Do not click on links and do not open attachments,” Levin said. “Never trust, always verify."

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