Proposed legislation cracks down on health claims by stem cell therapy clinics

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If proposed legislation wins approval in Olympia next week - many clinics promoting stem cell therapy will have to make it clear when the treatment they're selling is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Right now, the only proven stem cell therapies deal with blood regeneration- treatments such as bone marrow transplants, cord blood transplants and similar procedures that have been well documented to regenerate your blood forming abilities.

Stem cell researchers, medical experts and researchers at the FDA warn everything else is experimental.

Under ESHB 2356, the Stem Cell Therapy Bill being considered in Olympia,

facilities offering stem cell treatments must notify you about therapies that are not approved by the FDA. They have to put it in writing and get your written consent.

They must also provide a written explanation of the anticipated results and benefits as well as the recognized risks and complications.

And the notice that the therapy is not approved by the FDA must also appear in all advertisments- with the font size no smaller than the largest font size in the ads. All audio adversitements must include the disclosure spoken clearly.

The proposed legislation would not apply to facilities that have the FDA's approval for accredited therapies or investigational use of stem cells.

If you have an opinion about this, now's the time to tell your legislator.

All bills must be voted out of the Senate Committee by March 23rd, in order to make it to the full Senate for a vote next week.

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