New report: Lifestyle changes can reduce cancer risk

(KOMO file photo)

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country. According to a new report from the American Cancer Society, 42 percent of cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes.

Smoking is still the number one cause of both cancer and cancer deaths, but this new report finds that losing weight, getting more exercise, cutting back on alcohol and improving your diet can make a significant difference.

Here are the numbers: Smoking causes 19 percent of cancer cases, obesity nearly 8 percent, alcohol 5.6 percent, not enough exercise about 3 percent and not eating enough fruits and veggies about 2 percent.

"This is exciting news, because here are a number of factors that we can alter on a daily basis,” said Dr. Steven Kirtland, chief of staff at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle."This means changing your diet from fats to fruits and vegetables, reducing your weight – staying as lean as possible – getting regular exercise and avoiding excessive alcohol intake."

The latest research shows that diet – consumption of red and processed meat and a lack of fiber – is an important risk factor for colon cancer.

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