Local customers rate veterinarians for quality and price

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SEATTLE -- Based on feedback from thousands of local pet owners, some veterinarians do a much better job than others when it comes to quality animal care for a reasonable price.

"Well, I think if you like a vet, that's a good reason to keep going," says Checkbook Editor Kevin Brasler.

But Brasler says many pet owners might do well to make a switch.

Checkbook's new vet report found huge differences in quality of care, and especially price, depending on where you go.

"I mean over and over again, across all the different procedures that we shopped, just huge, huge price differences from place to place," Brasler said.

Some examples:

To spay a 7 month old, 25 pound dog, Checkbook's secret shoppers got quote from a low of $183 to a high of $868.

To clean the teeth of a 6 year old, 65 pound dog, they got a low quote of $169 and a high of $1,255.

"We found that there's really not at all, any relationship between price and quality when it comes to veterinary care, you don't get more, by paying more," Brasler added.

Checkbook's survey of Puget Sound area vet customers found the highest-rated vets arrange to see pets quickly, give thorough treatment, have a clean and pleasant facility and staff, and give good, clear advice.

"It's like choosing a doctor," stressed Brasler. "Do they explain things clearly? Do they spend enough time with you? Do they ask you a lot of questions and then listen to your answers?"

And the top local vets offer prevention tips and treatment alternatives- to help keep costs down.

Checkbook's vet report includes customer ratings of more than 200 veterinarian clinics in the Puget Sound area. As a courtesy to KOMO viewers, the link to the subscriber-based ratings will be available on this website until August 7, 2018.

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