How to save money on college textbooks

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The average college student spends around $1,200 a year for textbooks and supplies, according to the College Board. It's possible to lower that cost by making some smart choices.

For example: The book Anatomy & Physiology. A new hardback version sells for between $82 and $554, depending on where you shop. You can get a used copy for $113 or rent the book for just $21.

With the internet, students are no longer limited to what the campus bookstore sells. Websites like,, SlugBooks and make it easy to compare money-saving options and prices.

"It's a free service that instantly compares prices from top online bookstores, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay, and more,”'s Communications Coordinator Brian Morris explained. “We also find instant coupons that can be applied at checkout."

By seeing what's available, he says, the average customer saves about 50 percent.

"It really depends on which options you need,” Morris said. “One student might find it's best to rent a book for one class, buy a new book for a separate class and then get the e-book for the third class."

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