How to get a good price on a good home security system

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    You've decided to get a home security system and you're going to have it professionally installed.

    If you want a quality system from a reputable company at a good price, take the time to shop around.

    The price for basically the same system can vary by thousands of dollars from company to company, according to a secret shopper investigation by Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook (

    "Our undercover shoppers had several of these companies over and it was very apparent that some companies have people on staff who are true experts,” said Checkbook’s Executive Editor Kevin Brasler. “With other companies it was clear that they were sending people out who were there just to sell us a package of goods and especially sell us a long-term monitoring agreement. They really did know much about home security at all."

    That's why it's important to read the contract and find out what you’re obligated to do regarding monitoring.

    "Make sure that you shop around and that you can actually switch to a different monitoring service, if you're not happy with yours or you think they're charging you too much,” Brasler said.

    As a courtesy to KOMO listeners and readers, Checkbook’s ratings of home security companies in the Puget Sound area will be available by using this special link through March 19, 2019. also has information on Planning a Home Security System available to everyone.

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