Have you replaced your old smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors don't last forever. They need to be replaced every eight to 10 years.

"The reason is the sensors can become a little less sensitive after a period of time, so it's a good idea to get a new smoke alarm," said John Drengenberg , Consumer Safety Director at Underwriters Labs. "They're cheap enough and it's good insurance."

That advice goes for both battery-powered and hard-wired smoke detectors. They need to be replaced at least every 10 years.

If you want the maximum protection, make sure you buy a dual-sensor smoke detector; one that's both photo-electric and ionization.

"The photo-electric and ionization type smoke alarms respond to different types of fire," Drengenberg explained. "One would be a smoldering fire; one would be a flaming fire. Having the dual sensors means that regardless of the type of fire, the alarm would give you the warning as early as possible."

It's a good idea to carefully vacuum around the detector from time to time to remove dust and cobwebs that could interfere with those sensors.

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