Bacon is not the only food going up in price

(KOMO file photo)

Bacon is the hot food right now. Because of the increased demand, the supply is tight and prices are going up.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation's recently released Fall Harvest Market Basket Survey, bacon is significantly more expensive than it was a year ago, up 19 percent to $5.24 a pound on average nationwide.

Of the 16 items tracked in this survey, chicken breasts had the second highest price spike, up 9 percent to $3.13 a pound. It's another supply-demand situation as Americans continue to eat less red meat and more poultry.

Orange juice is up 6 percent in the last year and prices could go even higher because of the damage done by Hurricane Irma.

Good news: A few things did go down in price since this time last year. Bagged salad dropped 16 percent to $2.41 a pound. Ground chuck, potatoes and eggs also cost less.

The report said poultry farmers have fully recovered from the bird flu outbreak a few years ago, and that egg production is back to normal.

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