5 free apps let you compare prices while in the store

You want to price shop while you're in the store. Of course, there are apps for that, but which ones?

Our news partners at Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine recommend five free apps for comparison shopping on the go.

There's PriceCheck by Amazon. It lets you scan a product's bar code, snap a photo or say its name to see whether Amazon sells it for a lower price.

Red Laser was one of the first and ShopSmart says "it's still the gold standard." It helps you find deals and coupons and buy something with the app if you find a cheaper price somewhere else.

Scanlife lets you share prices with others using the app. There's a live feed that shows prices others have scanned. You can even create your own QR codes to use on business cards or your personal web page.

You may be familiar with ShopSavvy. It now has user reviews, product videos, better shopping.

And there's Smoopa. Great name! Smoopa encourages you to share prices. Then stores are graded by how often they give Smoopa users the lowest prices. Find a real price-buster and you could get a gift card as a reward.


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