Schools are starting, so watch your speed in school zones

Back to school also means a return to school zones and school zone cameras. (Photo: KOMO News)

Renton, Wash. --- More and more students are getting back to the books.

Wednesday was the first day of school for Renton students and many others.

And Wednesday morning school zone cameras were turned on.

Renton school officials say the beginning of the school year is the most challenging because they see a lot traffic in nearby neighborhoods.

One big concern is speeding.

With many of many Renton schools near freeways, the district says it's all too common for drivers to cut through school neighborhoods to bypass state Route 167 or Interstate 405.

Officials want drivers to remember to slow down and familiarize themselves with school layouts,

The should also be aware that some school building are near one another. That makes school zones longer.

"The school safety zone could seem for drivers like a long time to be driving 20 mph per hour or slowing down and being cognizant. But it is for the safety of kids and for the safety of families, who are walking in the neighborhood," Randy Matheson, Renton School District spokesperson, said.

Some other things to watch for: High school students heading to classes in the wee morning hours and those waiting at area bus stops. Some bus stops may not be marked.

The Renton Police Department says a ticket in a school zone ranges from $124 to $250.

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