Here's how you get rid of lice

Mercer Island, Wash -- A new study shows that 98 percent of lice do not respond to over-the-counter treatments.

So how do you get rid of the bugs? Simple combing, according to local lice removal expert, Nancy Gordon.

"Lice are not as bad as everyone thinks," said Gordon.

Some parents may not agree, after trying to tackle the bugs on their own after their children come home scratching their heads, infested with lice.

Gordon got to be so good at removing lice that other parents kept asking her to do it for their children and so she founded Lice Knowing You, based out of Mercer Island.

She puts it in perspective this way:

"They're just a bug you can see versus the bug you can't. Much like a cold or flu; that's a bug you cannot see and this is a bug you can see,” said Gordon.

And the only way to get rid of this bug, according to Gordon, is with good old-fashioned combing, only with a special lice comb, to make sure that every last bug is gone from the hair.

Her staff's ready to tackle any head, but Gordon also wants to help you avoid reaching that point in the first place.

"Our motto at Lice Knowing You, is 'once a week, sneak a peek', ” said Gordon.

She suggests parents, once a week after bath time, run a lice comb through their children's wet hair. After a thorough combing, then rub the comb off on a paper towel to see if any bugs are there.

The eggs are very small, but then grow into babies and eventually become lice.

So how do the lice move from head to head?

“Lice don't jump. They don't hop, they don't fly. It's spread really, mostly through head to head contact,” said Gordon.

To safeguard against lice, make sure kids don't share hats, coats or scarves. Some local schools even have children keep their coats in their backpacks, to keep those items isolated.

And this is why some now believe that the advent of the selfie, helped the spread of lice!

And here’s another interesting fact on lice: They like clean hair, meaning no products on the hair, like gels or hairsprays.

The staff at Lice Knowing You is offering free lice checks at several of its locations, through Aug. 31, with an appointment.


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