How to detox your kids from digital devices before school starts

Now is the time to detox your kids from digital devices. (Photo: KOMO News)

We all know many kids spend hours exploring the internet, and some studies suggest the numbers are higher during the summer months.

So how do you get your kids back on track and keep them safe for the new school year?

Phone service and internet security provider, Ooma, has a list of five easy tips:

-- Choose the right device for your child that offers varying levels of security.

-- Filter content for your entire home network. Some internet service providers offer filtering options, while other cloud-based services interface with your router and modem and protect all devices on your network. This allows you to restrict access to dangerous websites.

-- Install parental control tools. These comprehensive tools are designed to help parents keep kids safe, but the tricky part is that they must be installed on each individual device.

-- Adjust in-app settings. Many apps offer parental-control settings. For example, Netflix, allows parents to set-up filtered profiles for kids.

-- Talk to your kids. Technological fixes only go so far, good communication and an open dialogue with kids about online risk concerns and privacy help them make good decisions online.

"We're telling parents that they really need to monitor, first of all, where their kids are going on the internet. There are ways to do that, so you can see all the traffic going out of your home and see sites that kids many be visiting that you didn't even know they we're going to," Eric Stang, Ooma CEO said.

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