Back-to-school shopping: Make the most of your time, money

If that backpack has another year in it, don't buy a new one. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- Oh, back--to-school shopping.

It will hit you in the wallet, but it will also cost you time.

But there is a way to be efficient with both.

Jason Parker with Parker Financial says the average parent will spend $208 per child while shopping for school.

He says you should reduce, reuse and recycle to save money. If a backpack or lunchbox still works, keep using it.

And if you have younger kids to shop for, he suggests "divide and conquer."

"If we just bring one kid to the store at the time, we find we can be far more efficient. We don't have kids running around, screaming fighting with each other," Parker said.

Parker said it's also a good idea to give your child a budget and make him or her work within it.

If you child wants, for example. a Spiderman folder for an extra $2, he will have to find somewhere else to save.

It becomes an early lesson in comparison shopping.

KOMO News is helping you and your children get ready for the school year. Need more tips about going back to school? Check out our back-to-school page.

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