NW Helping Hands: Byrd Barr Place prevents homelessness by helping low-income residents

NW Helping Hands: Byrd Barr Place

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No one should have to live in a tent along the side of the freeway or on a city sidewalk. At Byrd Barr Place, a social services agency in Seattle's central district, they prevent homelessness by helping the city's lowest income residents.

"We are keeping people in their homes. We're keeping them in warm homes with food on their table and giving them community that they can fall back on,” said Meredith Sibley, development manager at Byrd Barr Place. "It's a community center where people can come and see friendly faces and get support that's really going to stop them from falling in between the cracks and make sure that they're able to continue living a life of dignity and respect."

Byrd Barr's eviction prevention program provides up to a thousand dollars to pay past-due rent. Their energy assistance program, the only one of its kind in the city, helps thousands of people stay warm and keep the lights on during the cold winter months.

Byrd Barr Place, located in an old fire station on 18th Avenue, honors Roberta Byrd Barr, a legendary civil rights leader, educator and Seattle Journalist. The staff and volunteers carry on Barr's legacy of fairness, opportunity and caring for the community.

To volunteer, make a donation or learn more, go to: byrdbarrplace.org.

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NW Helping Hands: The holiday season is a time to think about the less fortunate in our community. During this Season of Giving, KOMO News is highlighting a dozen local charities that are making a difference. Please check back here for weekly updates.

There are literally thousands of other wonderful non-profits in the Northwest that are doing great things every day.

If you know about non-profits that need support, I encourage you to share their information with others.

A word of caution: Before you give to any new charity, it’s smart to check them out to make sure they are legitimate, licensed to solicit donations in Washington and will use your money wisely. You can do that by going to: BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Washington Secretary of State (Check to see if a charity is registered to solicit in this state) and Charity Navigator (a charity that rates non-profits).

NW Helping Hands is presented by John L. Scott Foundation, supporting children’s healthcare and WSECU, the credit union for Washington.

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