Bearded mermen pose for a 'Dudeoir' calendar to raise money for a good cause

A group of bearded Canadian men have been transformed into mermen in honor of a great cause. Photo Credit: Cover Images

A group of bearded Canadian men have been transformed into mermen in honor of a great cause.

The men of the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club recently partnered with the mental health Spirit Horse NL program to create a calendar.

The MerB’ys 2018 calendar features 12 months of bearded buds, often dressed in nothing but mermaid tails. The title is a combination of the word merman and 'b'y', which is a Newfie term for the word buddy.

The photos see some of the silliest members of the group really letting loose, flapping their tails around the rocky shores or gathering together for a pint at the pub, flippers and all. The men are also seen in other settings that they normally inhabit and doing things they normally do, including getting a trim at the barber shop or jamming on a guitar - all post merman transformation.

Some even bravely bear the Canadian winter snow in nothing but their scaly bottom-half coverings.

A few have had their beards colored for the event, while others sport intricate floral head wear. The tails come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, much like the diverse group of men in the club, who all share a love of facial hair as their common bond.

The calendar is just the latest charity-driven project the guys have worked on together, having previously sold things like sweaters and T-shirts. Spirit Horse NL is a project that uses horses to help young people, adults, families and other groups enhance their mental health and learn new skills.

Hasan Hai, founder of the NL Beard & Moustache Club, explains: “Our club values and embraces diversity in our membership such as gender identity, ethnicity, body shape, and sexual orientation. Also, we delight in breaking down traditional gender stereotypes in a creative ways”. Hai adds “Beyond the sheer fun and silliness of this, we decided to support a local non-profit organization called Spirit Horse, which helps people through therapy with horses. It’s a great program run by an incredible person, so it really was a no-brainer about supporting them”

The group have already sold a whopping 500 of the calendars on pre-order. The are available to purchase online for $25 each via

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