Tree transformed into peace sign draws crowds in Edmonds

EDMONDS - Saw dust and wood chips aren't all that's left of a former fir that's become the buzz of Edmonds.

The tree was cut by the city, as it posed a risk to power lines, so the couple living in a home nearby hired a competitive carver to transform their tree into a symbol from the sixties.

The forked tree's trunk lent itself to a perfect peace sign, though one neighbor suggested carving a pair of legs.

The trunk is attracting scores of photographers, and neighbors say it's nice to see drivers holding up two fingers for a change.

"It's become such a buzz for sleepy Edmonds, this is a big attraction," Phil Assink, a pastor across the street said. "I don't think there's a utility worker in this quadrant of the city that doesn't have their picture taken with the peace sign."

Driver Patrick Freer has seen his share of carvings and unusual lawn art on his Edmonds route.

"I've seen people use bowling balls as flower decorations," Freer said. "I think it's kind of cool."

The reactions to the chainsaw carving that brought a little peace to 102nd Place all appeared the same.

"It brings a smile to your face, and it brings the community together," said a nearby resident.
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