Timmy Is Turning To God

SEATTLE - Timmy is turning to God.

I guess Mr. Eyman figures that since Jesus turned water into wine, the Lord would be willing and able to transform church-going Christians into bigots.

That, and maybe he'd made an extra buck or ten.

And so on the 7th day, Timmy helped orchestrate "Referendum Sunday."

Timmy describes this as an "opportunity" for 500,000 voters in 5,400 churches to sign a petition to cancel out gay rights legislation passed in Olympia earlier this year.

Timmy says it's all about ending "preferential treatment."

I say it's all about legalizing discrimination against gays and lesbians.

And I think that Timmy's just trying to turn conservative Christians into another tool in his money-making initiative arsenal.

To those folks, I have a now familiar question: What would Jesus do?

Would He place His name on a petition to deny people housing; deny them a job, or a promotion?

Would Jesus mess with people's ability to get insurance, or a bank loan?

Or would Jesus see Timmy as a master manipulator; a financial philistine interested in lining his pockets at the expense of civil rights?

You know, it's a funny thing about Timmy turning to God.

What of the day Timmy actually has to face Him?
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