Tim Eyman's Crapshoot

SEATTLE - I've come to call it "Tim Eyman's Crapshoot."

The double entendre for his Initiative 892 is right on the button.

Timmy conjured this measure up under the guise of property tax relief.

With inflated figures that come close to matching his inflated ego, Eyman claims that taxes collected on video slot machines will get us $400 million hacked off our property tax bills.

No one with an IQ higher than an ice cube thinks that's realistic.

More likely, the owner of a $300,000 house would get around a hundred bucks a year knocked off their taxes.

And in return, the measure would flood state taverns, restaurants, bowling alleys and non-tribal casinos with up to more than 18,000 of those slot-type machines.

To which Timmy counters: Not to worry; Initiative 892 won't expand gambling.


That's like saying eating donuts won't expand your waistline.

Truth and accuracy have never been Tim's strong suits.

But his claim that I-892 is just benign competition for tribal casinos is laughable.

And his saying that it gives homeowners a big tax break is just a load of crap, shoot, just vote "no" on it.

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