Tim Eyman Has Found The Pony

SEATTLE - Well, Tim Eyman found the pony.

It's an old joke: Kid digging in a huge pile of horse manure is asked why he's doing it.

Kid replies: "With all this manure, I just know there's gotta be a pony in here somewhere!"

Eyman has been feverishly pitching political manure for years, and finally found his pony with Initiative 900.

Holding government accountable for how our tax dollars are spent has been a long time coming.

I-900 is not about checking just to see if our money is being spent honestly.

It's having the state auditor going in to determine if our money is being spent wisely.

I-900 green lights independent performance audits of any state and local agency.

It's a chance to assess everything from an agency's procedures and practices to its level of staffing.

I'm not about to quibble with those few provisions of 900 that bother me a little.

No way.

Not with the chance to shake up state bureaucracy so that it might actually become more efficient.

And the beauty of it all?

Conducting those audits won't cost us anything extra, and could end up saving a whole lot of our money.

I guess there's a first time for everything.

I'm in agreement with Tim Eyman.

He found his pony and all I can say is "Giddyup!"

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