Three Girls Bakery

SEATTLE - It's called Three Girls Bakery, but it's really owned by one man - Jack Levy - who's worked in Pike Place Market since 1965, helping his dad run a produce stand.

He liked it so much, he decided to take his sister's advice and buy into Three Girl's when it was up for sale in 1979.

When Jack and his sister bought the cozy, wood-trimmed shop in the Corner Market Building (across from what is now Jack's Fish Spot), the place was falling apart and home to just four businesses: Crystal Meat Market, a produce stand, cheese shop and Three Girls Bakery.

Three Girls was established in 1912 by a lady named Mrs. Jones and two of her girlfriends. Jack says it's the first business in Seattle to be started by women.

And while Jack does not have any prior baking experience, he says if the situation called for it, he could turn out a few loaves.

But right now, Jack is fortunate to have two bakers who kick out scrumptious pastries each day, including freshly baked cookies - lemon ginger, peanut butter, molasses, chocolate chip and almond joy (to name just a few) - croissants (the chocolate ones are the best sellers!), rugulah, mazurka bars, Danishes, fritters, beignets, and brownies (raspberry, double chocolate and espresso).

And lets not forget the fresh breads! They have just about any type you can think of, but Jack says the most popular is the garlic rosemary they're currently offering.

Three Girls bread isn't actually baked on-site. Jack gets help from nine local bakeries, including Grand Central, Essential and Brenner Bros. The original Three Girls did have their own bakery on premises, but it burned down, and they weren't insured.

Jack says Three Girls is one of the only places in Seattle where you can get Brenner Bros. rye bread unsliced. That's gotta be good news to somebody.

Speaking of fresh bread, Three Girls has one heck of a great sandwich menu. Not many people take the time to look further than the tiny window in front of the bake shop - but there's actually a great little lunch counter 'round back.

Not only do they have a long list of sandwiches (including BLT, Hummus, Grilled Cheese, Meatloaf and Reuben) but there are fresh soups each day, like Salmon Chowder with Dill, Lentil, and Vegetable. Three Girls now serves their sandwiches on the same bread they sell.

You'd think they would have done that in the first place, but not so says Jack, who succumbed to peer pressure just six months ago.

You can usually find Jack in the back, prepping the soups and breads at 6 a.m. each morning - all day Saturdays.

And try not to confuse Three Girls Bakery with Sisters nearby in Post Alley. The two are not related. A lot of people think Sisters is called Three Sisters, but it's not. Just Sisters. Although Jack appreciates the free advertising.

Jack's favorite places to Go Eat!: Saigon, Mr.. D's, Zig-Zag (all in the Market) and Petite Maison Cafe (U-District).

For More Information:

Three Girls Bakery
1514 Pike Pl. Ste #1
Seattle, WA
(206) 622-1045

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