The Blue Angels set to return to Seattle's skies in 2014

Last summer, civilians felt the effect of the government sequester on their summer traditions, as flights of the Blue Angels across the country were cut to save money. However, representation for the United States Navy have confirmed that, due to an outreach plan which secured funding for community-based military activity, many beloved programs -- including the flight of the Blue Angels and Fleet Week -- may be returning to Seattle this summer.

Last summer's shortage of funding meant that, for the first time in years, the Blue Angels didn't take flight in their traditional Seafair appearance -- though Seattle was hardly the only city that missed the roar of the stunt planes. All things told, the US Navy was forced last year to withdraw a total of 2,800 outreach events throughout the country, a Navy release stated yesterday.

But a community event funding plan has been secured, say Navy officials, which means the Angels should be returning to Seattle's skies.

Community outreach by the Navy isn't going to return to 100%, however; officials for the Navy say that, due to "a 45 percent reduction in funding across the service," there will only be five cities which see Fleet Weeks, and just over two dozen will host the Blue Angels.

According to a schedule posted on, Seattle will host the Blue Angels on August 2 and 3.

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