So, What Did You Get For Treats?

SEATTLE - Following some "exhaustive" research, uncountable interviews, and some very tedious "legwork", I've been able to compile a list of local luminaries and what they gave out in the way of Halloween tricks and treats.

  • Dino Rossi, former Republican candidate for governor, was spotted at the front door of his house in a Christine Gregoire mask, giving kids handfuls of candy cigarettes.

  • Dean Logan, the beleaguered head of King County Elections, gave out sugar-free lollipops to those 17 and under. 18 and older got extra mail-in ballots, which may, or may not, end up being counted.

  • Ken Hutcherson, Pastor of the Antioch Bible Church and vociferous opponent to gay rights and gay marriage, was seen handing out little bags of big rocks, along with biblical instructions on how to go about stoning homosexuals.

  • Tim Eyman: No treats. He's been tricking us for years.

  • The Go-2-Guy, P.I. sports columnist, was observed giving away pooper-scoopers with sports columnist Art Thiel's picture inside.

  • Dan Savage, editor of "The Stranger" weekly newspaper, happily handed out autographed pictures of him holding hands with KVI's John Carlson during this year's gay pride parade.

  • Dan Lewis gave away travel sized cans of hairspray.

    And if you were wondering what trick-or-treaters got at my house: Shovels. That way everyone can keep from getting knee deep in my...rantings.

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