"Public transportation is very bad": Blog lists 23 tips about Seattle

Thought Catalog, a light-hearted, non-fiction, essay-style blog written by 20-somethings, recently created a list of 23 things the public should know about Seattle. The list advises readers that it doesn't always rain in Seattle ("The summers are actually beautiful and perfect, for the most part") and that the Space Needle is pretty much dumb ("It is worth walking around the Seattle Center, though").

Other tips include:

"#6: People are touchy about Portland. Complimenting Seattle's smaller sister city is not advised and should probably be avoided. Definitely don't let anyone hear you telling someone on your cell phone that Portland is cooler than Seattle. Especially if you're on the Hill."

"#15: Walking/ biking day trip: The Whole Foods at South-Lake Union to Fremont. It's pretty, and I used to do it with my ex, and when you get to Fremont and it's a Sunday (it should be a Sunday) you can go buy cool things in the covered garage at the farmer's market and eat at one of the Thai places on 34th and get a coffee from the tiniest coffee shop on the planet (Espresso To Go) and take a picture in front of Lenin, who is represented there by a giant statue."

"#20: Take brunch on 15th, and after you're sufficiently buzzed, walk to 16th, take a left, and enjoy the mansions. It's like Kevin McAllister land over there, so it's just nice to see."

What do you think about this list?

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