Plenty To Be Thankful For

SEATTLE - Thanksgiving.

Regardless of what turmoil might exist in our private lives, or in the world at large, there's still a lot to be thankful for.

So much so that I fear some things might slip under our Thanksgiving radar.

For example: We should be thankful that Arnold Schwarzenegger lives in California, and not here in Washington.

How about thanks that Michael Jackson isn't REALLY Peter Pan?

We should be thankful that Sound Transit isn't taking every penny of our transportation dollars. That way we'll have some money left in our pockets to pay for toll bridges and toll roads.

How about thanks that Heidi Wills could, conceivably, get a job dancing at Ricks, and then put in a good word for Jim Compton.

Be thankful they cloned Dolly the sheep instead of Tim Eyman.

And we should give thanks that Governor Gary Locke fixed all our education and transportation problems.

Oh, he didn't?

Gee, "thanks" Gary!

We should be thankful that Rush Limbaugh had enough pills to kill the pain of being fired from ESPN, and that in Bellevue District Court, a penny saved is...worthless!

How about thanks for this commentary finally being done?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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