New art comes to city hall

A new exhibit "HARDWARE: A love Story," will be shown at city hall beginning this Thursday, Dec. 10.

The Sammamish Arts Commission has brought the work of local artists Larry Calkins and Carla Dimitriou together in a tribute to an artist's source for materials - the local hardware store. Canvas tarps, chicken wire, plaster, nails and power tools mixed with a large quantity of creativity, turn raw materials into art.

Larry Calkins is a self taught artist living in the foothills of Issaquah. Having grown up in a small logging community his art has grown out of his memories of childhood, the stories and fantasies of the people, animals and forests. Experimenting freely with painting, sculpture, photography and assembling books his art defies easy labels. He is equally adept at sewing odd clothing pieces, painting animal transformation, and welding or building boxes.

Sammamish resident Carla Dimitriou is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and the Vermont College of Norwich University. Her work is a mixture of intelligence, empathy, ethics and more than a dash of humor to create visually sumptuous images and sculpture that provide ample food for thought.

The exhibit will last through mid-March.

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