Lynnwood police return 6 pounds of pot to patients

    LYNNWOOD, Wash. (AP) - The city of Lynnwood has returned 202 dead marijuana plants and 6 pounds of drying pot that was seized from a group of medical marijuana patients more than a year ago.Seattle lawyer Aaron Pelley says Lynnwood police seized the marijuana, as well as lights and other growing equipment, during a raid in May 2012. He says the patients were following the state's medical marijuana law, and no criminal charges were filed.Pelley and two other attorneys wrote a letter to the city, demanding city officials return the items or pay nearly $1 million, the estimated value of the property. The mayor signed off on the return of the pot, and Pelley picked it up Tuesday.He says the pot is no longer good for smoking, but might be used to make cannabis oil or marijuana-infused products.Deputy Chief Bryan Stanifer says the police department wasn't happy about returning the marijuana, but also wasn't interested in facing a lawsuit.

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