Lakewood PD facing allegations of corruption, racial profiling

    LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- The Lakewood Police Department is facing allegations of corruption and racial profiling, and an attorney for the alleged victim said someone within the department might have even destroyed evidence.

    The attorney for Darren Burgess said his client's claim against the Lakewood Police Department involving racial profiling was settled out of court.

    While that might have been the end of it, attorney Tyler Firkins said his law office received an envelope that appeared to be from a City of Lakewood employee soon after the Burgess case was settled.

    Firkins said the envelope contained what looked like the training records of one of the officers accused of misconduct.

    Those documents, which were not provided in the original case, shed new light on the case, according to Firkins. In them, the officer shows a pattern of what his superior referred to as "racial profiling," Firkins said.

    Because they were missing from the original complaint, Burgess wants the case re-opened so the documents can be authenticated.

    "I feel as if it's my right feel, as if it's my duty to let it be known exactly what happened," he said.

    Firkins said the person who sent him the records made copies before the originals were destroyed. The motion to re-open the case notes the destruction of public records is a felony.

    "It's a corrupt behavior when someone goes out of their way to hide information, to not disclose it, not to give it up, because I gave them everything they asked for," Burgess said.

    Burgess said the only way bad behavior can be stopped is by people like him coming forward.

    "I didn't hide anything, I didn't lie, I didn't mislead. My story didn't change over the years. It happened exactly as it happened and the treatment I received was just unfair," he said.

    Officials from the Lakewood Police Department deny the original case was even about racial profiling. They say it was an excessive force complaint.

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