Ken Schram: Nothing but political pandering

SEATTLE -- What the hell was he thinking?

What logic, or lack thereof, brought Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to the point of issuing a proclamation that made Sunday, February 27th, John T. Williams day.

And to top it off, Hizzoner didn't even show up at the event where the proclamation was read.

If Mayor Mike's objective was to further antagonize Seattle police rank and file, he succeeded.

If he thought it would help ease relations between the city and its minority population, he failed miserably.

The shooting death of John T. Williams by a Seattle police officer remains a tragedy for all concerned. But for Mayor Mike to have officiously set aside a day as a way to honor the totem carver is nothing but a politically pandering move.

What exactly were we honoring about John. T. Williams?

That he was shot to death on a Seattle street? That he had more than two dozen criminal convictions? That he was slowly killing himself with alcohol and bizarre behavior?

Yes, John T. Williams had what many describe as a good heart and enormous talent. Is that what the mayor wanted to honor?

Or did it all boil down to Mayor Mike stumbling through civic guilt and politically-manufactured grief?

I don't know.

I'm simply left wondering: What the hell was he thinking?

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