Ken Schram: A stroke of pure genius

An open letter to Seattle's chief executive:

Dear Mayor Mike,

I think hiring an often combative bicycle advocate to serve as a community events organizer/transportation expert for the city is a stroke of pure genius.

Oh, I know there will be those who will wonder how you can create a new $95,000 a year job after having ordered cuts of up to 8 percent across the city, including slicing police, fire and human services.

But don't you pay any attention those nattering nabobs of negativism.

Given the choice between more funding for domestic violence or aiding people with disabilities, you wisely decided to hire a crony that can help craft a bicycle policy to take Seattle into the 19th century.

And it makes no matter that you haven't even come up with a job title for your buddy yet.

People need to understand: It's not what you do, it's who you know.

And you know your pal's bicycle expertise is worth at least $95,000 to the great citizens of Seattle.

I look forward - with great anticipation - to the array of community events that will spring forth from the fertile mind of your new employee.

You're a bold leader Mayor Mike.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sincerely yours, Ken Schram, a proud citizen of Kenmore.


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