It Only Took 30 Years

SEATTLE - It only took 30 years.

Three decades of extra abuse; 1,560 additional weeks of ridicule and legally sanctioned discrimination.

But after 30 years, gays and lesbians finally have the law on their side.

When the governor signs the gay rights bill passed by state lawmakers, it will finally be illegal to deny homosexuals jobs and promotions.

They'll be protected when it comes to buying a house, or renting an apartment.


Unless the arch-enemies of gay rights have their way.

Cutting in line for that title is none other than Tim Eyman.

Never mind that there's barely been a peep from Timmy on this issue until now.

That's because Timmy knows a cash cow when he sees one, and putting together an initiative and a referendum to overturn the gay rights measure means money in his pocket and publicity for his other political antics.

But when you get right down to it, this isn't about Timmy.

It's about men and women who are our family, friends and neighbors.

It's about people who just want to live their lives on an equal basis with everyone else.

They want an education.

They want to work.

They want to buy a home and raise their families.

After all those years, it really is just... that... simple.

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