Initiative Amoeba Is On The Move

SEATTLE - The initiative amoeba is on the move again.

Tim Eyman, the one-celled, protoplasmic purveyor of political imperfection, is already hawking his new money making scheme.

Lucky me, I'm privy to his e-mailed ramblings, which I open with about the same enthusiasm as those offerings that proclaim I can have my penis enlarged.

So it is that I read Timmy's breathless explanation of how he's now going to galvanize the electorate this time: with local and state government performance audits.


That's Timmy's new income-generating idea.

Good thing there's no performance audit of his work.

Three of Timmy's last 4 initiatives didn't even make the ballot, and the one that did went down in flames this week.

Timmy paid himself $3,100 a week for that debacle.

I'm sure he'd say it was a bargain.

But hey, as long a Timmy can get people to write him checks, he'll keep writing e-mails about all he's done, even if he hasn't really done squat.

I don't know if you've ever seen the jelly-like cytoplasm of an amoeba.

If not, train your eyes on Tim Eyman and let me know if you can see right through him.

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