I'm Going To Miss Tim Eyman

SEATTLE - I'm gonna miss Tim Eyman.

Well, sorta.

Kind of.

I mean, I won't miss his sleazy political antics, or the way he was able to dupe people into believing that his initiatives were in the public's best interest, when all they really were was a way for him to fatten his bank account.

No, what I'll sorta, kinda miss about Timmy is that there were times when I was stuck for something to rant about, and he was there for me.

But I think Timmy's done.

I think his latest car tab initiative will fail to qualify for the ballot, and that his lame laments about how state officials lost - or threw away - tens of thousands of initiative signatures, will help dry up the money well that Timmy kept dipping into.

This is a copy of the so-called "receipt" that Timmy claims as proof that he turned in over 300,000 initiative signatures.

A scrap of paper torn from a dollar store pad and stamped by a receptionist is what Timmy's credibility now hangs on.

This is what he insists shows that he is a victim of either state incompetence, or state duplicity.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Well, only Timmy really thought he was "mighty", though - like I said - he came in mighty handy for me from time to time.

Yep. I'm going to miss Timmy.


Not really.

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